Thursday, November 01, 2007


As expected i passed the £150,000 net profits from poker mark in October. Records began in Nov 2004 so thats exactly 3 years its taken to reach that. Its important i mention these landmarks as im often such a moody **** its good to remind myself its all +ev in the long run unless i lose my head in a serious way.

Only 18 more days until i hit that Caribbean. Currently i cant wait but what about the 18 days to go. Well im hoping to play as much poker as i can. I was thinking in an ideal world it would be good if i could get a decent profit before i hit St Kitts so that im very comfortable staking myself into some nice chunky live games out there. But then take out the 3 days i know im gonna be out drinking and not forgetting hangovers affecting my playtime there is plenty to distract me away from poker b4 then. Nov could be a lean month potentially and im kind of prepared for it if it ends up being that way. At the end of the day all my focus is on having a good crack in the caribbean and anything else is a bonus really.

No Goals for November except to have good times !!!

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Anonymous said...

N1 Sir.

Now get a new phone and car you lazy git.

eDywE1De (Eddie Weed)