Saturday, November 03, 2007


One of them days

gambled like **** earlier and lost £300+ before reverse variance or whateva and breaking even or so.

then went out and got pissed up and hense state now, no poker as of yet thanks the best scouser eva created called pirus, extract below:

Pirus says:
i bought 2 pizzas and 2 chciken and chips

Pirus says:
i ate the 2 pizzas, woke up the next day went to the sink to get water, i seen my pizzas thrown up in the sink, i didnt even knew i had been sick

he is a savage Savage of the best type and i cant wait till i see him again in a foreign climate and entice his white body out to see some sunlight for the first time in years

1 comment:

Pirus said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL only just seen this, classic