Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sick Again

$220 supersatellite. 8 x $6300 seats with $1500 and $1000 to 9th and 10th. I survived JJ vs AQ and 99 vs AK allin preflops for my tourney but held my own the rest of the time on what was a lot of shove poker towards the end. Then comes the bust hand which pissed me off so much.

19 left 6 handed blinds 800/1600 ante 200. Playing about 11,500 and average is 18,000. Our table is fairly short stacked compared to the others but obviously the key is to sustain a stack near average uncalled if possible. No one had called allins for ages and nearly all shoves were getting through. Folds to me in cutoff and i shove in with A4off. Dumb scandie in sb calls fairly quickly for almost all his chips with KJstd. My eyes almost pop out when i see im ahead preflop but obviously hate the call and know just how bad it is given the situation. Well the jack flops and the deserved king comes on the river. I congratulate the twit, i think my words were " thats a ******* awful call what exactly did u think u were ahead off ? " before i storm off and curse a lot more for 5-10mins. Felt so sick and still do now ive woke up, if i bust a few players before i wouldnt have been so bad. Knowing it was almost last 18 and knowing i bust for a pot to go above 26,000 (or i had 16,000 if dummy folded KJ) on what was a tight table is not easy to take. I really was beginning to think it was my night. I know i would love to play the main event out here now im here but it remains to be seen if i will enter another satellite after that heartache. For the record i spent $220 and just had the addon this time for another $200.

Prob go for more punishment in 90mins for the $330 freezeout :(

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