Sunday, November 25, 2007

In The Right Place To Get Over Sommat Else

40 runners freeroll, win only for $12,000 aussie millions package, i just this minute finished 2nd

:( :(( :( :((

Was a very good structure but despite that working to my advantage i never got the chiplead at the final table and went HU 19k vs 61k. I peaked in chips at 31k but never got ahead and bust allin on the flop with 2 pair but only 2 outs for about a 48k pot. Played out of my skin and was only allin covered and called once before HU and was in excellent shape for that pot too.

Cash earlier covered buyins to other games alongside but the sick sick feeling is all im left with right now. I know i was playing the best player in the freeroll HU which didnt help obviously but still i guess i gave it a good shot anyway and im still way up up on November knocking on many many doors of which some have opened.


Amatay said...

ah shit ul m8. btw my msn got hacked so i've lost ur contact m8. Got a new addy

Robert "Animal" Price said...

added mate.

to other poster, if genuine put details on here, i wont publish it on here but im not gnna email anyone i dont know as i aint dumb and likely waste of my time.