Friday, July 24, 2009

Spot The Pattern

A few solid days since the last post. Didnt overplay, took breaks and had good game selection. Then today most of that went to pot today. Chase chase chase with no breaks and several hours poker non stop and im £4,000 down today. Could have been worse though as i lost my head a couple of times and was in one of my dumb rages. I was probably about double that down at one point and i even ventured onto 25/50 to try and make or break the damage. Fortunately got away with that but with a balance still in ipoker it will be difficult to resist being tempted back there in the coming days.

Right thats todays crap out the way, back to the positives. The 2 days before i made almost exactly £5,000 a day each on usual cash games. I even entered a NL holdem $550 tourney but made the final table only to lose a flip immediately then lose 10s vs J4std for remainder short 4xbb stack. Then yesterday i was down only £2000-£3000 most of the night but running good and playing solid in the bl sq $215 1 rebuy 1 addon tourney. Only 27 runners but pretty much chip leader from start to finsh and prob bust between 1/3-1/2 of the field myself :)) to win it. That $4900 for $615 wiped out my losses and later on an ok cash session put me about £1,000 up on the day. For 1st i also won entry to the GUKPT champion of champions event (added prize) on 5th Dec in Luton. Difficult to put a value on that as everyone starts with different stacks depending on which tourneys they won. Its another freeroll live event to look forward to though so im not complaining. See GUKPT link website for details.

Im busy looking at houses , 7 so far, 3 or 4 more 2moz. No idea what i want but gaining info with each viewing.

There are lots of live poker events in Sept/Oct which i have listed on excel and im trying to decide what sort of schedule will suit me best and which ones to travel too. Im still to rule out GUKPT Luton a week wednesday too, will probably decide about this time next week.

Oh and if u didnt spot the pattern its 2-3 solid days poker then a dodgy as *** day where i lose my head, get into a mad rage, and generally try to minimalise the losses after playing way too much of the wrong games and chasing as much as possible. Bring on the weekend of cider :))


badcallthat said...

3 winning days and 1 losing days still makes you a winning player mate!! good luck with the house hunting

TEAMDOBB said...

9 bedroom detached house for sale Holnicote Road, Bude, EX23

rubbish said...

Any chance you could look at my last post and tell me what you think? The hand has been bugging me since last night.
All the best.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

9 bedroom ! loooooool bit of of my range unless u wanna lend me some. some nice ones about £300k-£500k though that will destroy my poker bankroll :(

rubbish said...

Hi Rob
Thanks for the advice. Took down a 197 runner, $10 rebuy on FT last night for $1485. I owe you a pint.
Cheers mate.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

n1 no probs

Mr Cea said...

ciderrrrrrrrr, vodka better!!

Pirus said...

Fuck the Sept/Oct games off and get yourself to Florida then over to Vegas for the pacman fight in november :)

Anonymous said...

hey rob. its rich from vegas

will you link my blog up pls