Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Peak But Not Without A Huge Dip

Sunday was carnage. Was nearly exclusively hi lo limit and has put a big doubt in my mind with regards to my ability. That said ive been pretty steady again since so i still want to put thousands of hands in and see how i get on. I think i was -£1,200 at one point although that went back to - £400 in the afternoon. Evening session started well but turned bad and in the end i was about -£900 for the day and down to +£1,900 on the month.

Monday i didnt play a single hand as i wanted to mentally recover from the Sunday madness.
It seemed to work as Tuesday was an excellent day and i got back to over +£2,500 for the month once again thanks to running well in bad games.

Today was pretty steady on all diff games and im now sitting at a new peak for March of +£3,182.

Really hope i can push on now for the rest of the week and indeed the month. Its getting a bit annoying to keep getting knocked backwards but apart from sunday ive coped with it well and seem to keep bouncing back.

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