Thursday, March 03, 2011

Close But Good

Another solid day on the cash tables and along with rakeback of £233 i finished a total of +£913 on the day. Im knackered and done my rake requirement but games are still awful so having a mini debate with myself whether to play any more tonight.

Close bit of night was $50 rebuy on ongame network, plo hi lo GSOP. Ran well in this and picked spots as well as i could be happy with i think. In the end though the highest i ever got was 12/24 (392 entrants). My bust hand was a 3 way allin preflop with KK45 which ive run through an odds calculator and i was bang on 33% equity , although more likely to scoop than any of the others. It was a good spot to gamble and if i had scooped i would have gone chipleader of 23 left but it was not to be and i bust in 23rd. Got sommat like $330 for effort but i was in for over $250 lol. First place was over $10k + a $5k seat :(( Very very top heavy payout.

As i said though gutted but luck on day was excellent so not a big moan :)

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