Friday, April 01, 2011

March Final Figures And Stats

+£5,169 did just under 50k vpps on stars. currently almost exactly 60% of way to a $4,000 bonus. expect to more than double that in april and hit supernova status on the way. eg if i earn 110k vpps next month i will clear that $4,000 bonus and complete another one as well which would give me $8,000 if i broke even. would also get $500 in stellar awards and would be 3/4 of the way to the $2,600 milestone bonus. so i guess a good target next month would be to break even over 110k vpps and make $8,500. i have played a lot this month but my 2nd site (was first site until march) got in the way a bit and i raked exactly $4,000 on there. sorry for lack of paragraphs i dnt write it like that but it keeps lumping everything together ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ heres my current hi lo limit stats for stars anyway...... be interesting to see what they are like at the end of april. figures are bb/100 with number hands nxt and in brackets are all time, rest are just March............................................... 1/2$ -4/100 1280 (1.7/100 12711) 2/4$ -0.3/100 8245 (0/100 17795) 3/6$ 0.7/100 11602 (-0.3/100 15479) 5/10 -1.8/100 13072 (-0.6/100 16178) 10/20 0/100 3729 (same) 15/30 2.2/100 1508 (same) 30/60 5.2/100 413 (same)

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