Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally Sommat Good To Report

I hope the turn around is complete. For some reason i just got home at 12:15am and decided to enter a horse $215 at 12:45am although i only sat down 20 minutes late and almost didnt bother. Im pretty sure i havent played horse since WSOP in June 2009 and i definitely havent played any hands of stud hi lo since then. A few hours later and i cashed 3/41 for $1,230 , happy as never really stacked for the win. Meanwhile 20mins after entering that i thought i might as well enter a $215 limit hi lo starting at 1:30am. Well this one lasted 3.75hours and ive just lost heads up. Bit disappointing as i know i had an edge on him heads up but theres so much luck in it. I was always behind to his stack heads up though and just never got going. Started about 52k vs 80k and i never got above this although i kept dropping to 20 or 30k then gettin back to 50k so there were plenty of hands. 2/33 in end for $1,980. Whilst most of the above was goin on i also won chunks on limit cash running golden so all round for a night i almost didnt play on ive salvaged April back to a profit of +£766. (about +£2,200 in the last 4hours). :)) Time to try and sleep to the dawn chorus that just started !

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