Friday, April 08, 2011

If Theres A Way To Lose A Pot I'll Find It

Honestly i knw this game is sick but the stuff im experiencing currently is just complete and utter bullshit. Just sat for another hour session on a new day thinking surely luck will change but if anything its worse than ever. People playin so bad and complete trash sucking out left right and centre. Its limit for gods sake so i know this is gonna happen all the time but when people do stuff like 4bet flop when only out is runner runner to scoop which obv comes it just demoralises you. Similarly dont wrry if someone checkraises the turn on a semi bluff they get there even if its a 4 outer . Honestly i think are randomly clicking buttons vs me at the moment cos they know they aint gonna lose. Im so pissed off with it all and generally just hate the game at mo and everyone at my tables included ( A weeks chatban means i cant vent in the chatbox which dnt help) . Would luv to just take time off but ive had a chest infection all week which has just added to the stress not being able to fill time in with exercise and work off the crap thats come my way. Anyways -£2,000 this month and looking to make that bigger next session for sure , cant bloody wait.

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