Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Supernova Epic Fail

Reached that and done the $4,000 bonus but ive quite literally been haemorrhaging cash. Theres no other word for it and im now officially in one of my worst runs for months. I keep returning for more punishment expecting it to change but i seem to lose $200-$500 a session at the moment (which is only 1-2hours). The crazy bit is ive hardly touched anything above 5/10$ since the last post so to lose the sort of amount i have is just nuts. Theres only so much you can do wrong at this game as its only complex enough to affect a few bb per session. The rest is luck over the session and i just cant believe how badly im running. Pretty much bust my $6,000 on stars from start of month just to get back the $4,000 loooooool. I flipped for $800 on 5/10 plo hi lo other day and lost set vs f draw and low. I analysed tracker a mo ago and basically ive lost $4,000 at limits of 5/10 and below athough that doesnt include the $500 odd i just lost in the last hour as well !!! Its pretty scary how sick the variance can be at this game. The only comparsion i have to it is my 3/6 graph which lost $2,000 over 10k hands steadily before breaking even after 16k hands prior to the beginning of the month. Right going back for more , come on let me win some back pokergods :( . Or at least just break even !!!!!!

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