Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sun/Mon/Tues Rollercoaster Ride

Sunday started ok but got destroyed for another $300 2nd session. Was busy lunch and evening so only managed 2400 points. Late Sunday and into Monday ive come down with a chest infection thing. Not too bad but bad enough not to play more than 1 more Monday for 600 points and +200$. Tues though inbetween headaches ive managed a huge volume really for about 6000 points. Swings were mad losing a few hundred before going $1,000 up. I then lost that and another few hundred before turning around again and finally finishing about $450 up. Obviously was playing pretty high stakes at times but im still very disciplined and only sit when there's 1 really bad player or a couple of bad ones there. So to summarize im about $1,050 down this month. Ive cleared $200 in bonuses which im trying not to cash in unless i lose a chunk of $. 16,200 points. I guess 3,500 a day is my target over 30 days = 105k so im behind the (17,500) mark. Given it was the weekend and how i felt yesterday though i think ive done well to get as many as i have, especially today. Will obtain supernova status in 20k points and shortly after that i should clear my first $4,000 bonus, although, unless i need to, im going to try and not cash it out until to end of the month.

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