Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd FTOPS Cash In A Row

Again no big luck at business end and i just crept into the cash finishing 20/166 for a $240 return on my $216 investment in the 2am omaha hi lo limit game. Highlight was leading with 50 left but alas my luck deserted me after and people just kept spiking river gutshots (twice) for 2 big pots. Never mind its still another confidence booster even if its kept me awake until 6:40am when i would have slept 2-3hours ago otherwise.

Seem to have run good on cash alongside after losing 500$ i think im up around that amount. April sits at new peak of +£2208. Not sure if i will play tommorrow or hit the town.


Daly said...

solid results in the FTOPS, how long are these 200-300 man fields taking?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

times are shown in each post. 3hours 4.5hours and 7 hours. have linked u up, thanks for stoppin by and already doing the same. gl