Friday, May 14, 2010

Update On Staking And Games

Staking is officially sold out, thanks to all of those investing. I will collect the money in approx. 2 weeks but if anyone wants to offload it before that its fine.

Have had a huge week at the tables and been a complete addict for the first couple of days of it putting in 9 or 10hours each day. Monday i made £1,500 which is up there with my best this year but Tuesday i destroyed that and had my best day this year at +£3,000. Obviously this isnt all at 2/4 max, i seem to have found some really bad games at higher stakes and managed to take advantage fully without buying in for the max (and run good also for a change!!!)

Hardly touched any mtts, did try the stars hi lo $100 tonight but after sitting stacked in top 100/1300 (2200 entrants) i crashed out about 1200th after some tough spots and luck but was happy overall with my game. Kind of wish i had satted into the 1000$ at same time but another time maybe.

Have kind of been in limbo since Tuesday breaking about even which i guess is a bit complacent after 2 big days and to be expected. Im going to do some withdrawals now anyway to protect profit made in case i log on drunk tommorrow. Probably wont play much now until Sunday unless i see anything juicy or my hangover isnt too bad and the addict in me returns. Profit stands at +£5,500 for May but i may adjust that too and take out my buy ins for the WSOP next month (less staking) so i can truly see where i stand.

Took out wsop buy ins so profit stands at +£3,450 for May

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