Friday, May 21, 2010


Aint really been in the mood the last couple of days and its finally showed in my results. Despite great weather ive had a chest infection, only mild but enough to warrant not doing much other than play poker, hense why ive still played with wrong head on.

Yesterday i only lost a few hundred but today i dropped £3,000 running bad and a little tilt to add to it obviously at the higher stakes where i previously won this sort of amount :( The games were as bad as can be and i just couldnt get a break and my patience failed.

Still well up on the month and i hope by posting here i sort myself out. A day off is probably a must then regroup for the final week. I do have some games i have to play so its not a case of "take last week off"

Profit currently £2,280 with another £2093 on top of that set aside for wsop buy ins. Embarressed by my attitude today, only myself to blame so putting it on here is probably a good step to recovery.


Lou said...

Know how you feel - whenever I'm under the weather, my results suffer. Last month I wasn't feeling great and took a week off. Thing is... my profits are nowhere near yours. Closer to the 500 mark. Great blog by the way.

Jumper said...

Downswings suck. Cant seem to get 2 consecutive winning days. Always up 1 down next. Having enforced break until planets realign.