Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Review

Basically been in profit every day ive played since hitting that low of £1,150 for the month or whatever it was 10 days or so ago. Even had another +£1,200 day. hi lo mtts aint a big money spinner yet but they seem to keep me focussed on the side cash games in an evening. i try now to play a $109 freezeout on stars any night im playing and so far im 3 cashes and 1 bubble from 4 games but havent had the luck to bring home any large bacon yet in it.

Had planned to do an in-running of my night tonight for a change but had a snooze until 8:30pm so missed all my regular mtts :(

Right i may play later as this is a break now and i may play 2moz afternoon (out in evening) and will update below if my final profit figure changes but for now its a very healthy +£4,958. Had considered taking out £550 or more for Bristol gala events next week but i think im gonna pass on them now and save it up for vegas games roll.
edit: went back on at 2:30am for an hour. registered for a $320 wsop mtt league (runs nxt month) and managed to run good again and make back nearly all of that buyin on cash games = +£4,954
edit: managed 90mins or so this afternoon (fri), lost to begin with but came good all on v small stakes , final profit (assuming no dumb drunk session later) for April is +£5,071


Gavin said...

Very nice sir!! Hope it continues for you.

havin_a_laff said...

looks like the mortgage is covered this month then!