Friday, October 01, 2010

Sept Finally Over

Another crazy day to finish. Logged on about 3pm to play an hour before exercising, making dinner and going out for a few hours. Errrrrr no slight change of plan. Fish from other day was back so i played a 7 hours straight session, no breaks, no sit outs or anything. Twas worth it and the biggest challenge came making and eating food without missing a hand which actually was quite good fun. When i needed to wash a baking tray i still had one hand spare :)

Stakes ranged from 1/2 up to 3/6$. I did my usual and dropped about £500 immediately but it quickly reversed and overall was vey happy with play, luck, patience and the final profit of £1,500 ish.

Final profit for Sept is £6,237 which is my 2nd best month of the year. Very happy with that but am not taking anything out for next months live stuff. Hope to have a good couple of weeks before i leave for vegas on the 15th and then freely enter and play whichever games i fancy out there. Quite prepared to play a little higher out there too so potential losing month but whatever as long as i target the right sort of games and dont donk off anything or much on side casino games.


stumpy said...

nice 1 rob keep it up but exercising surely a bluff

Amatay said...

lol Stumps. You cant count wanking as exercise m8.

Robert "Animal" Price said...