Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back To Good Times

After last post when i did play it was same story until today just staying around the same level. Started today about +£3,300 but the first 3 sessions i ran golden and people were throwing money at me too and made bout £800 on 1/2$ max. 4th session was only sposed to be an hour or 2 before an "early night". Turned into almost 5 hours due to maniac fish turning up and playing his usual game. Lost a stack or 2 to begin with then won loads then lost all that back but then finally came good and took him for a few buyins mostly on 1/2£.

Tally for month stands at a peak of +£4,740 and i doubt ive had such a good day at these stakes for a long time. Too knackered to enjoy it though , good night !

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Anonymous said...

A £4.5k month is a pretty great month from £1/£2. Probably no comfort but I run as bad as you against complete fish too, my losses are far less substantial though