Wednesday, September 01, 2010

End Aug Stuff

Well my playing hours didnt quite go to plan in Scotland. I was unrealistic to think i would still do 20-30hours a week up there or more and ended up only playing less than less than 10 hours over almost 2 weeks. It wasnt a lazy thing, just kept busy so what the hell.

When i left i think i was about +£2,000 but i dropped to +£1,700 the first couple of days/sessions before recovering on the 3rd day to almost back where i started. Despite being back 24hours im knackered today so almost didnt play but in the end put in just over 3 hours and made £150 odd to put me at peak for the month at +£2,098.

Gonna try and put 40 hour weeks in for the whole of Sept and see where it gets me. Prob be mostly low stakes high low cash tables but i may try and get some mtts in too along and maybe even so NL holdem ones too.

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