Saturday, September 18, 2010


Arrgh was due a bad session or 2 but its certainly been horrendous today. What made it more frustrating was the play was soooooooooooo bad i should have made what i lost, if i broke even i would have as gutted. At one point i had 2 of the worst poss players on 1/2euro game but despite getting it in good i couldnt avoid the miracle cards hitting for them :( Also lost a 700euro pot AAxx vs AAxx vs xxxx allin pre to the other aces guy hitting trips which didnt help the variance. Same story on another 2 sites with just plain rediculous stuff vs me. I dont think i can face playing any more although i know i should really as the tables are that bad, sat night drunkness i guess but no chunk for me :( -£800 loss and i do feel physically sick i was hoping it was more like £500. tiny bit of 2/4 but nearly all that 1/2 or lower YUK.

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