Thursday, September 02, 2010

No Tilt Control

Ive no idea but ive lost control every session today with the end session being the worst. Guess im just tired and not in mood to play but its difficult to get that balance of "working" and being too lazy too often. I knew i had lost it when a shortstack outdrew me for a $13 pot and it still set my blood boiling. U see its never about the money i just hate to lose when im in this sort of tired rage filled mood. Anyway 3 sessions today read level,+£200 inc bonus £45 and -£180odd. I wish i could control myself online like i can live, its worse than ever so experience prob doesnt help. Just gotta live with it.

Anyway im off to cool off, the strange thing is ive been in a good mood today away from the tables, whilst at the tables ive probably put in more expletives than i normally would over a whole month.

1 comment:

Amatay said...

lol, would love to see u flippin out while grinding online. bet u go mental, proper rage. Hulk style