Monday, September 20, 2010

More Of Same

1 good session in the middle of 2 bad ones yesterday and today. To start with i dropped £200 odd against as bad players as can get. Later on though i managed a 2nd/20odd in a hi lo $109 small mtt although again runner runner heads up postflop after all goes in on flop cost me the further $500 odd for first. Still deduct other mtts and i made £400ish to finish up on Sunday by half that. Today didnt play until evening and started well and real steady grinding away. Then once again on the slightly higher (still only £1/2) the complete donk throwing money at everyone except me and doubling off me most of the time cost me so much again. Becoming a nasty trend and -£500 on the day although a chunk of that was not being able to laydown the 2nd nuts in plo (almost did) when dabbling with a total fish on the table. +£3,479 , not happy, not relaxed and dunno what im doing wrong. Just all gone wrong since friday evening :(

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