Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Early Night

8 hours from leaving for my 2nd trip scotland this year. 12-14 hour drive and early start so gotta shut down the tables early tonight despite the standard being pretty bad as per normal at the levels ive dropped to.

Overall been a frustrating few days since last post but i did have a good day yesterday thanks to my last session to balance it out. Last profit tally of 1824£ ----> 1720------->1614------>2050------>2134 and about to tally the loss for this session, hoping it wont drop below the 2k. oh **** just lost $80 on last pot b4 sitting out. cooler but had loads of outs to scoop a $450 4way pot :(

+£1,993 hmmmm about what i expected i guess given that last pot loss. May carry on updating up north or if dnt play as much i may leave it until i get back in 2 weeks.

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