Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Its Tough

Arrrrrrgh been putting in loads of hours maybe average of 7 a day this month so far and its really beginning to get to me as i still sit at a loss. I gone from £200 up to £1,000 down to £400 up and back to £300 down today.

Every session ive played i always lose at least a stack at the start and often more so am left fighting for the 2-4hours to get back to level or better. I still think im playing well but theres a combination of missing out on too many big pots and the tables just not being as easy as they were a year ago. I probably split 50/50 ish on hi lo and plo at the moment. Its the first time for a while ive put any volume in at plo and its disturbing how tough some tables can be. Ive been moving tables a lot to try to keep with the worse players and making sure ive got notes on regulars as well. I would hate to do it but i might have to get some software if i cant turn this around. Dunno if ive said before but i wish all tracking software was banned, it really is detroying the game in the long term. If you cant beat em, join em though :(

Anyway i cant be faulted for lack of effort at the moment and after an early finish tonight i expect to return tommorrow for more pain. One thing that does spring to mind is how "lucky" i was to have had such a good year last year before the tables changed. As ive probably said before i guess i should go back to mtts but at the moment im just refusing to give up the ghost on cash tables as it is/was? where the easiest money and the best flexibility is.

Anyways needed that mini-vent after a truly shocking day today. Draw a line under it as usual and restart tommorrow.

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