Sunday, August 01, 2010

Great Start

Within 5mins dropped a buyin on 2/4£ hi lo to a guy butchering his hand as bad as he can.
Table broke so took a break and returned bout an hour later. Got some back vs as bad players on 1/2 but decided to deposit and play plo on another site.

Managed to win a half stack on plo 2/4$ with flopped straight vs naked f draw which missed but then the usual stuff come along.
call a reraise with J987 and get it allin on a J34flop with f draw vs KQ1010 with higher f draw which hits. 10mins later vs same guy its all on a A89rainbow flop with J1076 vs AAxx , he immed fills up. soon after i lose half a stack with standard callin down with aces only to be shown a nicely diguised 3 of kind when i had the guy dominated on the flop. a few mins later i get 2 flush draws by turn against a shortie so bet and he flats. river gives me 2nd nut flush so i chk raise it for his last 64 (40pot) only for him to show the nut top it off he types "ty" in the chatbox when for once i havent put nething derogatory in the chat box. I leave immmed after having butchered £800 on plo in space of an hour (bout 3 stacks) without feeling i had done anything wrong.

Told myself to stick to mtts this month but after dropping that buyin within 5mins i couldnt face nething and result is ive done my tits already after only a couple of hours play. Lovely *** knows what im doing from here. Think i might just stick with it at same stakes (untilted of course) and only stop if i lose a huge chunk and say get to -£5,000 or sommat.

.......later edit took and break then had 6hours at tables untilted up and down all over shop was -£1,000 at one point but finished -£327 (-£500 truly cos had rakeback payment). think im playin well though so will prob attack the tables again tommorrow for another bashing no doubt.

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