Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Longest Day

Didnt start out yesterday to play more than the day before (7hours) but a big fish keep me at the tables through the early hours. In the end i had been awake for almost 22 hours when he finally stopped reloading. I played for 15hours with a 1 hour break and some smaller ones so probably about 13 hours in total. It doesnt beat my record online which is in the region of 16 hours in Feb 2009 but it certainly drained me, im completely whacked today.

Good news is i managed a +£1,250 profit in total and reduced my loss for the month to only £300 which ive managed to wipe out with a couple of short sessions today. So i currently stand at +£23 for July but i expect to play more before the 31st so it could still end up a loss, watch this space :)

been back on this evening and basically missed everything in nearly every big key pot, result = £1,800 loss .....unreal but guess was always gonna happen when im tired and feel ill...can only blame myself. even got slowrolled by a regular so my bloods boiling but im not gonna tilt ne more off, pretty much lost all that within an hour at no higher than 2/4.
f*k off july just sat 4:15pm on 5/5 plo for 1 more shot, lasted 30mins. Allin with AKQJ on a KK4 rainbow flop is no good vs A,2,9,10 for $850 then lose $500 for $1500 pot vs 2 players calling 240$ pre with 9763 and 77610. rest goes in on a 45Q flop which obv has 0% chance of holding up GG -£2,680....F*k doin a review for the month