Thursday, July 22, 2010

Play Resumes

Managed to play a session last night which was longer than 3 times the total number of hours ive played in July so far. Not difficult i guess but i ran good for 5hours and put a good dent into the loss for the month which had sat at -£2,700 for so long. About - £1,900 now and im happy that i didnt get completely bored and it even bordered on enjoyment at times. I say i ran good but i did miss a 12outs freeroll river card on 2/4$ hi lo for a $2,600 pot so i could have run exceptionally well if that had hit for another circa £900 profit :(

May well play later this evening before, i guess, a usual boozy weekend.


Amatay said...

sounds like u have had enough of Poker Rob? Whats the crack?? I remember the days when u fkin loved it. Addict mode etc

Robert "Animal" Price said...

f*k knws, guess like any job it has its ups and downs, need to treat it 100% like a job now which is sad but thats all it is at end of day