Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grinding Up

Since last post i lost £300 playing a bit hungover but didnt do much wrong, was just full of coolers. Then yesterday i played a full day and was finishing around 2am £400 up when a really bad player sat. Result was i couldnt leave until he left after 6am but it was worth it as i fininshed +£800 for the day.

Im like a zombie today as a result of that unplanned session (and 10-12 hours in total that day)but i did manage £100 profit and also got some rakeback paid so sitting on peak for month of +£1,113. Hoping to keep moving up from here although staying at the same low stakes unless i see a good game slightly higher. Discipline, Effort and Non Tilts are all well at the moment so just trying to keep the same attitude going.

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