Friday, October 31, 2008

More Days In October Please

Another highly successful day. All omaha 2/4 and 3/6, tiny bit of 5/10 hardly worth mentioning. Won about £1000 this afternoon and about £1500 tonight. Have put in a fair few hours today compared to the other days but still nothing exhausting by any means. Anyway felt i was getting complacent so despite being wide awake ive stopped for the night. Monthly tally obviously reached another high, if i play tommorrow it wont be much as out for evening.

October currently stands up there as almost as good a month as my best month February when i won 2 EPT packages and about £10k in cash. Mind you i have cashed in £2900 from one of those EPT packages into this months profit for the CPC so i guess not quite as good as February yet.

Now got ideas of getting my best ever years profit but would need to have a couple of steady months in November and December or a big win. Steady isnt really a word i would use to describe my profits this month so have to wait and see what November brings first.