Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drunk High Stakes, Part 1 ???

Bust one account for £1600 fairly quickly on omaha errrr think on 5/10 could been 10/20 was fairly drunk then. Sobered up a bit after so can remember spinning $800 up to $5000 on another site on 10/20. Also lost $1600 on another site before sitting on 25/50 omaha (yeh my highest omaha stake to date) with my last $1000. Bust that quick and deposit another $1500 in and ended up leaving with $5000, table was unexpectly very weak. It did get better and bigger stacked and i left then as knew wasnt as much of an edge. Was also 6 handed then and most my profit came from 3 handed stuff so good time to leave. In end about + £2400 in total if calculations correct.

Mayb hav to do more withdrawals before 2moz night to limit any potential losses although worryingly (but thankfully tonight) i did deposit £650 which when im drunk is unheard of for me. Not a habit i want to get into for sure, dodgy as heck imo.

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