Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vegas Stuff and June Figures

a $4,020 loss in vegas added to a loss before i left made me -£3,010 for June, my first losing month since June 2011 :(

I started well on the trip cashing in a plo8 at Binions.  5th/81 for $1,100 return from my $210.  My first cash for about 20 tourneys in vegas and since 2009.  Could have easily bubbled but could just as easy have min cashed or even won it.   After refusing a ridiculous deal 5 way i guess i was doomed to crash out in 5th.

My play the first week or so was limited to a few short sessions and a few tournaments as i had a couple of mates out so was chilling and treating it more like a holiday.

After a failed horse mtt at Golden nugget where i went deep but the structure got too fast i decided after selling approx a 1/3 to enter the wsop $2,500 Stud8/Omaha8 mtt.  I was glad i entered but def could have had a better table.  There were only 2 weak spots with solid internet pros about as well as Andy Bloch (won horse wsop), elky and some other known faces hitting my table.  I started well but never really got going and crashed out about 6 hours in i think.   Didnt regret playing it though and will try and target that one again next year.

Fast forward to the $1,500 plo8 wsop event and i was well relaxed and up for this one.   I got off to a flyer and took a calculated gamble 2nd level with AKJ8 on a Q,10,2 flop 3way.  Was still left with half starting stack if i missed but i was up against 2 sets and hit my straight to go above 10k really quickly (4500 starting stack).   They had a tracking software going that dealers updates every break so after 2 hours i could see i was 10th (950ish entrants) and after 4 hours i was up to 7th.   Unfortunately and unusually i couldnt move on from this.  Normally if i get a stack early in plo8 mtt i cruise through.   Average stack eventually caught me up and i lost on a 23J flop with A24x with flush draw vs JJ73 to have got a seriously good stack again.  A table move just into level 5 hadnt helped but thats poker.  Was such a weak field and i definitely want to play again next year.

More to come in another post with summary figures, cash games and the $3k plo8 event to cover.

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