Friday, July 13, 2012

Vegas Stuff (Part 2)

Following the $1,500 i had a week until the $3k last chance at anything big.  My 2 buddies had gone home so i pretty much intended playing as much cash games as possible.  Up to this point i had played cash 9 times but all short sessions and was around +$300 over that time.

I know i had a couple of days where i didnt step outside which i wasnt proud of but what the hey !  My main focus this year (or attraction) was sitting on 1/2 big  O   (5card plo8 with a $5 bring in).   Like most games these could be bad at times but also very juicy on other occasions.  I actually played this game every day for the last 9 days of my trip, anything from 2hrs to a lenghty 15hour session !!!
I think i was absolutely drunk as can be on 2 of those days but actually recorded really good results those days.   

My best day was +$1,330 and my worst was -$800.  Unlike many others i refused to run any board twice as i wanted to embrace variance this trip and as we were paying rake every half hour the time it took to sort some of those boards out did my head in.  I had a lot of fun at times and managed to get back a decent chunk of my mtts and other casino losses in the end.  I remember one night i refused to let myself go to bed until a French fish had left and ended up playing until 6am when he bust.  It was worth it as that night i went $500 down before finally finishing $800 up, most of that coming from him.  Over the course of 11 separate days played i made $2,335 on that game. 

Other games played were 1 session of 5/5 Big o (+$250) and 2 sessions of 5/10 Big o (+$395).  A drunk 1/2 NLH first night with mates (-$360).  I also played 1/2 plo8 at the Venetian 3 times.  This game ran in the middle of my trip and was really juicy at times but died off mid trip and didnt seem to run any more.  Shame as it didnt run at wsop either and Venetian comps $2 an hour as well as being a nice card room with the the best set of dealers generally.  +$600 for that one.

I lost $945 on other sports and casino betting which was fine given the entertainment value.  Most of this was when my mates were around and i wasnt as focused on poker.

When the $3k plo8 game came i wasnt really in the best mood but still felt confident at the start.  My table was fine although maybe a bit tight but apart from 1 hand i just couldnt seem to push the action of get anything going.   Started with 9k and that 1 hand was a 4way allin where i was freerolling the other big stack to about half the deck to scoop him on the turn.  A perfect 4 card would have scooped the pot too and put me up to 20k on only the 2nd level.  The other hit of 2 pair or an ace would have seen me go up to 13 or 14k which still would have been a big jump early on. 

Board was AK37 and i held A265 vs KJJ7 (the other big stack on a nut flush draw) vs KKxx (high only hand 2nd big stack) and a 4th shortie stack allin with a similar hand to mine with no high.  Unfortunately after this nothing seemed to go right and i even tilted a bit without throwing it away though.   I remember paying off a tight texan after i had bet a 10,7,7 flop xhh then checked turn in position after gettin 2 callers on flop. board read 10,7,7,8,6 and i just couldnt throw my 7233 away as my low looked good or even my 7 if this guy had been on naked A2hhxx or sim but he had AK27.  In reality i should have lost more that hand so i should have been happy really.  That said the blinds were catching up so it just frustrated me at the time.  Still want to play that mtt again next year and i hope they keep it $3,000 as it definitely increased the fish more from a $5k it had been prev years.

So overall on the trip i lost $4,020 made up of:
MTT :   -$6,295
Cash:    +$3,220
Other:      -$945

Lots of fun and will take another shot next year. Happy i cashed in at least 1 mtt and happy i took a significant chunk of the losses back on the cash games.  I doubt i will go out there again before then but ya never know.  Im still in frame of mind where i would rather go holiday elsewhere and just settle for once a year in vegas, especially since im not keen on Holdem games much any more.

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