Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5

Started off horrendously.   Was -£900 at worst , back to -£400ish now after just 2.5hrs play today so far.  Dinner break now then back for more punishment or maybe i might climb out of the hole !

6:20pm ......back after hours break 90 mins ago and ran much better winning some juicy pots on 3/6 plo.  Couple of  hundred £ up on day now but swings are crazy like yesterday. pub now, just ran good and got myself right back into profit for the month  (+£586) , just under £800 up on the day.    Gotta play about 1.5 hours later drunk though so could be another wild session ;)

1:20am....just finishing up, games were actually pretty boring compared to the last 48 hours despite being intoxicated !  made another 100£ or so though so good day in the end overall.   +£707 for Feb now.

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