Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 26

Just over rake done by 2:30pm, yes.
In profit, yes.
Ahead of ev, yes.

Happy ?  No
Ev dnt take into account coolers, heres 2 i had in space of 5minutes. 

Fortunately first one was only .25/5pl hi lo.   88xx in bb  flop JJ8  all 3 of us check.  norm lead here but both players shallow.  turn 6 chk to limper he bets pot i raise pot and he calls leaving himself a dollar behind.  He has xx66 with no low and the river is a 6.

1/2 plo   sitting over 3stacks deep.   4way raised pot ive got 5566.  There a huge fish at table that covers me flop is 226 and of course he has K229.  bye bye $1,420 pot.

.....edit....2am...finished rake fairly drunk and tired, timed out way too much last session.     Won chunk b4 i went out and i think i done ok/broke even drunk when back......sommat like +£900ish on day and above ev (shock horror).... sitting on +£3,316 for Feb

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