Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20

Finished early.  One of best days profit this year (assuming i dnt go back on stars and lose some later).  So why did i pretty much hate it all day ?    Just bored and sick of it now, sooooooooooo need a day off but committed and have to push on through.  Was in the hole for £700 at one point today but hit a golden session and i think i made it to +£1,000 before dropping some back.  +£853 on day, +£5,611 on month. edit later if play more (wouldnt if i didnt have bonus and target on stars to do by end of month as well).

...edit 1:20am   was only sposed to play 30mins on stars but ended up being 2 hours !  I'll regret it 2moz i expect but made $116 (and cleared more vpps) so i guess twas worth it.

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