Saturday, February 04, 2012

Day 4

Hell i felt rough in the night but luckily i managed to sleep most of it off and just feel sluggish now.  Was worth it though as good night off.   Just bout to start at 1:35pm .  Could feel like a slog today but im hoping the games will be better especially this evening.  Will post at end of day , maybe between sessions too if i feel i need.  Here we go............

3pm.... tables are actually great.   cards are not, been playin pretty high without succes and dropped £450 already :(

5:15pm.....  cards much kinder including gettin it in on a cooler at 2/4plo with top and btm pair vs mid set only to turn a high full house for $800.   Gone from £450 down to about £500 up that session !!!  tables are still pretty juicy, i know i should play more on Saturdays but its just not easy when ure not committed to a promotion and have a hangover !

10:45pm...was too good to be true just had an absolute complete nightmare session.   Worst pot was just plain ridiculous vs a agressive reg thats got plently of leaks:

 2/4pl hi lo 3handed i raise A288 on button ,,fish shortie calls matey pots it i call fish allin 72 we both call.  

flop  is 997 rainbow he checks and i obviously check behind.   turn is an 8. he bets 3/4 pot we get it in for 330 each.  he has A,2,9,10  and of course the rivers a F***** 10.

Result hand completely murdered but not to worry that 6 outer gonna come to ure rescue for $880ish pot.

LOL as i wrote that i won an $800 on 2/4 plo and a decent pot uncalled on 5/10 pl hi lo. so ive just gone from -£600 on the day back to level WTFs up with today !!!!!!!!

arrgh 5mins after that i got river quartered after chucking it allin on turn to lose another $1100 on the pot so lost $550 of own money .....yuk

11:45pm  .... raked amount needed . games still juicy but im done.  Tired and semi tilted big time.  Wasnt a good time to have about as turbulent a day ais ive had for a long long time and i struggled with it big time.   Managed to lose 2 chunky pots on 5/10 near finish missing up/down straight flush draw and nut low draw when i bet turn.  the SF draw was high cards too but i still miss both.   Also hit nut flush on a paired board but bb had flopped J752 to my raise and his full house too good.  Glad todays over with and im off to try and relax now if possible.  Lost £522 on the day but allin ev on day gives me a more true figure as i should have pretty much broke even.   -£211 for the month so not the end of the world although i had hoped i would push on today and games have been mental really. 

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