Thursday, February 02, 2012

Feb 1st

Day 1 really didnt go as i had hoped.  Raked what i wanted but didnt enjoy it and all felt a bit of a slog.  I think the fact i havent been in any routine of late is likely the main culprit.  Hoping it will flow a lot better tommorrow.  Games are sporadic and i definitely need to play more plo.  Horrible limit session to finish off rake near end didnt help 1 bit.   Friday could be fun as im out approx 7pm-1am so gnna have to tank it early and mayb late when drunk.   Pretty much break even playing on day but got rakeback payment so    +£245  .

I see WSOP schedule if out.  Disappointed theres no Big "O" mtt , tbh it looks the same for me as prev 2 years.  Im not even sure if ill go this year but if i do its like to be couple weeks end June/start July.

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