Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan Review

Didnt play so as per last post +£2,128.   Was -£2,500 at worst and didnt play as high after that much but grinded it back to a decent "average" type month overall.   Volume a bit less then i might have liked but 1 or 2 things got in the way and wound right down at end so, fingers crossed, im up for 8-9hrs nearly every day of Feb (not sure how long the promo will last estimate 25 days).

Gross rake across 4 sites (obv varying rakeback) approx $5,000 (expecting double this in Feb) but i havent cashed in any bonuses or received any of this so that obviously makes me much more comfortable with my final profit figure.

Slog starts tommorrow although its not 400$ or $500 a day which ive done before its $375 so hoping it wont feel like too much of a slog.  Run good and get off to good start pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

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Anonymous said...

Keep on grinding mate ;)