Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Out of The Hole

The climb out of the 2012 hole continues.  Made bit on small sessions at weekend.  Monday i didnt play higher than 1/2 but i managed to go £500 up before losing a $1250 and a $500 pot in space of a few mionutes and breaking even on the day eventually.   Started yesterday at -£1,000 for the month and it was very volatile.  There were a few good 2/4 games going throughout and i pretty much went +£500 in the afternoon before going -£100 A tilty interesting pot on .5/1 hi lo when i saw a flop of Qd6d5x with Ax742ddd  Enough money goes in on flop to commit us both and it runs out Ax7x and i lose to rainbow 8,2,3,4 !!!  Checked odds calc and its 1.7% for me to lose to a scoop !   Returned late in evening and ran much better, notable cooler pot 8,8,3,4 on a 8,7,5,5,A board vs A536 on 2/4 hi lo for $1,200 pot.  For some reason though i was really bored playing so stopped a bit early to prevent doing anything silly.   Still im sitting on a -£227 for January so hoping i can get back in the profits very soon.