Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Positive Hits

Good day yesterday and went on a good mini heater near the end to win about £600.   Today was quite different in a mood all day with not much going right.   Fortunately it turned later on and after losing a few hundred pound i found myself up a couple of hundred instead.  Sitting nicely on +£1,963  and thats before any rakeback or bonuses which ive taken none of this month.  Bear in mind a couple of weeks ago i was £2,500 in the hole and it makes it feel even better.

Prob gonna rake $5,000+ next month on my primary site, (awaiting confirmation on Feb promo but could even be a $10,000 rake)  .  Also gotta do 5000 vpps on stars to get $100 bonus so will almost definitely do 7500 so im still on track for keeping Supernova status.  Got a $500 bonus on another site to clear by 10th March so have been trying to target that more for last few days of this month given those two above might occupy most of my Feb time.

Ive also been looking at a few live festivals, seems to be so many to choose from in UK and Ireland now.  Im all indecisive so may well not bother with any for the time being and with being busy online in Feb looking at above.   Did look at Manchester GUKPT this week but gonna pass on that.  Theres an omaha series in London end of Feb as is UKIPT Galway but again ill probably just be busy online.  Probably better off just trying to save for possible Vegas in June (Schedule should be out any day now based on last year) and barring that making sure i can afford to go to the Caribbean in Nov for the 8th year running.  Anyways happy fish hunting to all.  

PS: fav part of today had to be in limit hi lo when a guy capped pre and raised every street with 3333 in the hole, hope hes around again tommorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Just wondering how you rate the omaha 8 traffic and player quality on the different sites you play? Hope your heater continues. Gl.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

bit of a vague question. it obv varies from site to site and table to table depending on fish/regs about. to generalise its basically like holdem though, getting tougher and tougher to make an easy living, hense why i put more hours in these days. traffic gradually dying but expect it to be around for years anyway.