Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enough Of The Punishment

Unreal just cant put a foot right this year.    Daily trend is start ok making smallish amount then just all goes completely to pot usually on the highest stake tables i have open.   Dont think ive had a winning day for ages and just lost £500 in my only 2 hour session so far today.  Was totally standard, went £100-£200 up then open a 2/4 table whilst gettin destroyed on the 1/2 the 2/4 proceeds to lose AA68 vs AKK4 and AAxx vs AAxx amongst missing nearly every raising pot flop im in and getting played back at constantly.   Just dnno what to do at the moment i know it will turn around but i just thoroughly hate the game and everything involved in it when its like this.   -£2,523 in what is turning out to mentally be the toughest challenge ive had for a long long time.  Just wish it wasnt January cos i know i would just take a long break but theres only so much to do at this time of year.


pokershades1 said...

stick in there mate , running bad is the worst feeling in the world for us players , chill out with a night of MTTs or something ... but then again that could make things worse lol .

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh could make it worse but have been waiting until my colds completely gone b4 entering mtts. gonna give some a bash tonight actually !