Friday, January 20, 2012

Back In The Game

Finally got back into profit yesterday making a few hundred £.  Taken some software fees off that and now sit on +£165 for January.   I was contemplating doing a 70hrs+ rake race nxt week but ive gone full circle and think im probably better targetting a Feb promotion instead for extra 10-20% rakeback.  I already have a secondary promotion/bonus alongside to finish by end Feb which gives about the same so i would be overlapping on promotions which is always handy along with the 30% normal.  Probably do me good to get back into a routine and more plo as the boredom this week is probably down to not varying my games enough.

Anyways gonna wind down for the month playing the same sort of stuff along with some plo on my 4th site as i have a $500 bonus to clear there by middle March.    Still not sure what im doing with stars this year.  I think it makes sense to do supernova but im not convinced 100%.   Im exactly 2/3 of the way to cashing in 250k fpps for $4,000 and im supernova from last year so it appears keeping that 3.5xvpps rate to earn fpps is prbably worth it until i reach that.  Happy hours this month have kept me on track but will just have to see in future months.  $100 bonus nxt month to clear 5000vpps in their blast off promotion should be enough incentive to keep that going.

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