Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 24

Early start and early post to try and keep calm and refocus.  Summary so far (ev in brackets)
First allin of day matey chkraises me allin with no fold equity on an unmade draw and obv hits 50/50.
I miss QJ107 on a K89rainbow flop vs AAQQ
15mins in -$350  (+$100)
30mins in -$750 (+$100) , nothing higher than 1/2 so far.
5/10 huge fish have to sit.   get 700 in preflop with AQJ9 vs fish and shortie.   Other 300 obv going in on any flop.   Fish rivered a flush when my ace high good till then.  $2,200 pot gone.
38miins in  -$1,750  (-$50)  , actually feel physically sickat this point
50mins in, need a toilet break anyway so blogged here at now:  
-$1,400  (-$200)   lovely. 

1pm.....-$1400  (+$300)  brilliant it widens

Total destruction complete just b4 5pm.    A little tilt in there but just plain ridiculous day.
-$3,000ish ($1800 below ev)  .....THE END

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