Friday, May 11, 2012

3rd SCOOP Night

Not expecting anything exciting tonight as its only $215 and $27 FL hi lo and full ring.   So annoying when cash games 9/10 now are 6handed that they still see the need to keep this full ring.  So dull and so much more luck needed and less action as not in as many pots.  Still rant over lets run good now....

Started today at about £4,800 up for May.  £300 of that was won yesterday on my day off when i decided to play for an hour and 3.5hours later managed to shut the tables !

Gonna hammer cash games alongside the 2 mtts as i cant take them that seriously for the reasons above so hopefully win back the buyins at the least :)

Edit: Saturday 10:30pm
Very uneventful scoop yesterday and decided not to bother with the plo tonight.  Had a full day off but was golden on cash games yesterday alongside the mtts.   Sitting £5,300 above for May.   Possible new promo starts Monday but not sure whether to attack it fully as its 10hours a day for maybe several weeks.   Lots of luck in it too so maybe see if get off to a good start or  ditch it early.

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