Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec Review

Lower volume month then of late but expected after playing more live the first week or just chilling on holiday, then being shattered for most of the 2nd week after travelling home.  Still raked $5,560 on my main site.  My luckiest month given the low volume running good so often helps and is always nice :). 

On the downside i dont think ive been playing as well the last few weeks but that could be complacency or more likely a combination and that and playing more tables.  Instead of 6-9 that its been in prev months its been more like 8-12 tables which is bound to effect the win rate sommat.  Ill see how next month goes before i make any sort of decision to restrict my upper limit on tables.  Seems to be a good promo from 7th Jan so intend to tank that as much as i can bear.

Final December figures are +£6,064.  Could maybe add £2,000 to that of uncashed rakeback for true figure.  If i just looked at the ev line though the month would be more like £2,500 b4 rakeback.

In conclusion, good and lucky month.  Happy New Year !!!

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