Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nov Review

Sorry for the lateness but never planned to do this until i came back off holiday from 3 weeks in the Caribbean.

Didnt play well first half of the month but still ran good so still posted decent enough profit.  Most of the 2nd half of the month i was abroad but by myself and still playin 2-6hrs a day alongside 4-6hrs on the beach !

Played much better abroad , probably due to being more relaxed and still probably ran good although didnt track any of it so cant say for sure.

Split my trips live profit into Nov/Dec profits about $240/$1000 repectively.   Live plo went really well but mtts and nl holdem not so well.  Managed to bubble a 29runner $220+100 rebuys (in for $520) plo mtt then a week later bubbled the same one, 23 runners (this time in for only $320) but with as big a prizepool it hurt a bit more.

Overall figure for November was £5,579 but uncashed rake would add to that.  i raked $5,600 in the end. Seriously happy with that and actually won about double what my trip cost me while i was abroad so have no excuse not to do something similar in the new year if i fancy it.

Didnt play as much online abroad in Dec as couple of mates were out but squeezed a few sessions in to still post a good start for limited time played so far.  Done ok last couple days too since back and currently sit on £1,594.  Eyes still well tried from the travelling back despite sleeping loads but once im adjusted i will probably play quite a lot of hours the rest of the month.

Happy Xmas to all !!!!!!

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