Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Day Off - Future Thoughts

Just 4 more days left at $400 rake a day and ive decided to take today off after what was probably my most successful day this year yesterday.  Made just under £1,500 (and was even behind marginally on allin ev!)   Weathers so good and i wanted to avoid complacency after yesterdays stuff and i didnt sleep well last night.   Barring a bad end im looking a brilliant month in terms of profit.  

Ive even started wondering whether i should cash in my points on my main site for $20k (40% rakeback) or be patient and let them build up over the next 18 months ish to cash in for $75k (50% rakeback) which would earn me an extra $15k in the long run and maximise rakeback. 

They say dont change a broken record and since ive focused 90% of my play on 1 site it seems to have beared fruit extremely well.   If i change my mind i could cash in the $20k at any time.  Originally that was kind of going to be my vegas bankroll but if i can cope leaving it in the site (at a small risk i guess as nothings 100% safe) it would be better if i could just roll myself from actual profits and promotions funds. 

Im definitely much more disciplined when ive got a target or promotion to focus on but at the same time i dont expect to play nearly as much over the next few months with vegas/olympics/euros as well as some much needed time off next month. 

A rough model i could follow over the next 14 months (say) would see me rake $2k a week on my main site for 50 out of 61 weeks which would see me reach that bonus cashout level.  I did look at something like this months back but figured i was better just chasing promotions and playing mulitple sites more.   Still not sure but lots to think about.   At end of the day i could do the above over 2 years while still playing other sites but obviously wouldnt have access to all this rakeback for a longer period which could potentially be an issue.   For now lets finish this month well and chill out with no specific promotion to target next month i can it a lot easier, especially if the weather holds !


Scouse Kev said...

Keep it up Rob :)

sledge13 said...

Great stuff...what level do you play mostly and is it all Omaha?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

i am kev...gnna blog again soon..having another mental day :)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

errr was 2days ago now so cant remember variation that day. was probably everything from .25/5$ up to a tiny bit of 5/10$ . 90% + is 1/2 and .5/1 though, both plo and plo hi lo