Thursday, March 01, 2012

GSOP PL HI LO (ongame) Results

Still playing the $50rebuy, onto that in a mo 4/7 but card dead of late.
Played $5 rebuy at same time and led that for a while, ended up busting 29th/844.

$50 rebuy i led for long periods, at one point over an hour a few hours in.   Just gone backwards a bit since final 2 tables, 358 entered and chunky $9,500winner +$5k seat.  Need some luck to get that result though as blinds are catching up and actions pretty wild at the final table.  Break in 1 minute, time for more caffiene eyes are going big time.  Hopefullly a few updates below b4 i bust.  Guaranteed $1,500 so far.

Arrrgh had 5outs freeroll to double fully immed after break from flop.   missed that then nxt hand lost A4910 vs A366 vs a shortie to leave me hanging on 10xbb.  Win that pot and would basically been joint top with 4others a 1 shortie.  Win one before and would been clear chip leader.   fingers crossed fully :(

Doubled AKJ3 1 suit vs AK35 2suits , hit a  straight.   LOL as i wrote that got biggest starting hand whole game AA23 1 suit in SB but only stole bb with it !!!

bb is 20k now and im 320k   ..chips flying in.  1 has bust and theres 1 massive chippy now so im 3/6.

1:07am...... just bust.  was utter crapshoot carnage after that last post.  blinds 20k bb.  ill put hands here but not really matter, game turned to luck almost fully

was 12.5xbb 3/5 after big chip bust another.  
AKK6 vs A,10,2,6 lost to a shorter stack to leave me 5.5xbb
AK75 vs would u believe it the same guy the next hand with A,10,2,6   , hit full house to double

AQ102 raise pot cutoff.   button instant minreraise looked like a misclick.  BB big chip reraise pot.  I chuck em in and get value as 6xbb from button folded.   Hit nut low but only split vs AK45.  3/5 again.

only hit part of a flop when i minraised A388dbl std.  AK10.  felt it was give up or cont bet and turn hand into bluff to test where i was.  Unfortunately big chip who only flat called in sb puts me in and i have to fold putting me back to 9xbb.   Dnt regret this play as would rather stab than give up not knowing where am or get committed to a suck me in turn.  If anything i was surprised big chip didnt reraise pre but he didnt seem to realise he could bully to *** with his stack.

5/5 rest goes in KK48 vs big chip again AA108..   flop AKJ goodnight no quads a coming :(

5th/358 had plenty of luck and its a decent result for $2,557.

Unfortunately i still need to play stars for an hour or 2 as i had to shut them tables when this got serious :(      Prob post final month figures 2moz.



pokershades1 said...

well played in MTT mate , i was going well for a couple of hours , got up to 2OK and then i donked off quite badly against guy holding nuts .

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh saw u stacked fairly deep at a break 17k odd when i had 22k just before i went on mental card rush. bit gutted didnt get £6k, £4k or £3k for top 3 having led for so long but pot with 20odd left cost me the lead and spare lives when i lost AKQ2 vs A2QQ to have gone to 520k which at time was double 2nd places stack and about 1/5 of chips in play , still nice end to rough 10days and decent month, gl in march !