Thursday, March 01, 2012

Feb Review

Graphs of tracked games in Feb for that promotion i did on my main site.     Think the 2nd one is especially interesting as i seem to get more wound up when i get stacked irrelevent of stakes in the short term.

Still the promotion added an extra 25.11% to my rakeback and i grossed $10,500 rake doing that.  Actual written down figure for month is £3,986 but true figure would include rakeback from rake and from extra promotion points which wont be cashed in for a few months yet.  This would add roughly £4,000 to it. 

Trying to take a full day off from poker today, soooooooo much stuff to do.  Gottta tank other site if its viable to get a $500 bonus before 10th march.  Then im planning 20days at $400 rake for this months promotion to get about 20% extra rakeback through that and also getting to the highest vip level by the end of the month.  This will enable me to cash in points at 40% rather than 30% in the next quarter sometime.

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