Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Targets

Already cleared my first one which was raking in the region of $700 to get a $500 bonus (and about $200 in rakeback to come) which was running out on the 10th.  Was swingy on that site but ended up in profit a little so all good.   Also done well with couple of short drunk table attacks on separate days on main site.

Before today i was sitting about £1,500 up and now i've begun my promotion for the rest of this month.  Its similar to last month but instead of $375 rake a day its $400.   Only need to play 20days out the the remaining 25 though so can spread some days off in there which will hopefullly help my sanity.    If i break even i would get (rakeback +promo) of approx. $5,000 so i'll keep thinking of that to push me through the headaches ive already started getting.  Lack of breaks today silly but was in addict mode and had 1 or 2 good tables shorthanded i knew would break if i stopped so pushed on through regardless.  At least ive finished before 9pm.

Was in profit nearly all day today but only took off really well at end and made about £500 to put me +£2,003 for March.

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